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Latest school operations, in light of the latest government advice on COVID-19

Dear Families,


Latest school operations, in light of the latest government advice on COVID-19


Thank you to you all for all of your understanding and co-operation at this unprecedented time.


 As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, attendance is being monitored on a daily basis.  Our pupil absence has, again, doubled from yesterday and we have had a number of parents/ carers collect their children as the day has progressed.


Please know that my senior leaders and I have met with each individual member of staff and we have conducted a full personnel, risk assessment, adhering to the government’s guidelines.  We are doing everything we can to help minimise the spread of COVID-19.


At a staff meeting last night, teachers agreed on a common format for sharing suggested home learning activities with you.  Learning objectives and activities will be mapped onto a weekly planner and will be shared with you on a weekly basis, as long as this is required.  These will not be posted on our website but can be accessed via Class Dojo.  If you do not have access to Class Dojo, please leave a message for the class teacher at the school office and a login can then be generated for you. 


I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all how very proud I am of our wonderful team of staff who have been absolutely magnificent, in the most challenging of circumstances. They, like you, are also concerned for their families and friends and have come into school each day, with real passion to ensure that the children feel safe, happy and ready to learn. By 9.30 am this morning, I had seen every child and had enjoyed a good sing-song with classes- keeping our spirits up as much as possible.  All staff have reported that all the children have been brilliant.


I would also like to extend my gratitude to all of you- our amazing families who, like so many around the UK, are working (some in front-line NHS services) in the face of ever-increasing challenges, to help support and care for the most vulnerable in our community.  It is reassuring to hear how families and friends are rallying together to ensure the highest level of care for our elderly relatives/ neighbours and those who may need a little extra support- be it practical, economic and also emotional.  Keep up the great work everyone- thank you.  Compassion, kindness and understanding are just as important as the day-to-day essentials that we need to get through this pandemic.


I understand that Scotland and Wales have made announcements this afternoon re: school closures.  As of writing, I am confirming that school will be open tomorrow and kindly ask that you keep the office informed of your child's absence, as per school policy.  Please rest assured that, if you have notified school already (that your family is now in self-isolation) you do not need to call school daily, going forward.  If, however, your child’s absence is from tomorrow, then please do call the office and let us know.  As you can appreciate, Mrs Kearney is dealing with many calls each morning. 


In line with the government guidelines, please know that school will continue to send anyone home (child/ staff member) who shows symptoms: new, persistent cough and a high temperature. Please know that if your child requires short-term medication during the school day, it will no longer be feasible for staff to administer this- until further notice.


Best wishes to you all,

Helen Tantouri



    Latest information from The Department for Education (DfE):

DfE Helpline: 0800 046 8687 Monday-Friday, 8am to 6pm & weekends, 10am to 4pm.  

Please note that there will be a high volume of calls, hence the addition of weekend hours.

Updates on COVID-19: