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Year 3 Learning



This term, in maths, we have been looking at 10 more and 10 less. Also, we have our own app 'Times Tables Rock Stars'. We have also been learning about greater than and less than as well as counting in 50s, 100s and 1000s.  Our teacher, Mrs Salzano, gives us number card challenges to make certain numbers greater than or less than another number as well as function machines problems. She also gives us number line challenges and also gives us worksheets for us to stick in our maths books.

By Adriana and Ben


In maths we have been learning about the column method for addition and subtraction. Also we have our own app time tabbies rock stars .  We have been using number cards like 5 9 0  and we use numbers to find the mid-point .  Mrs Salzano gives us true or false questions  and we have been doing base 10 in our maths writing (600 + 10 + 5 =615).

By Kristian and Luna


In Maths we have been doing number lines from  zero to one thousand. We also have been doing new worksheets that are 'Explain Why?' questions . Mrs Salzano got us a new app called 'Times Table Rock Stars'. When we go to our seats in the morning we do our daily calculations.

By Oliver and Kypros




In English, we have been doing lots of interesting things including Trap Door which is a little cartoon and it has lots of information.  We only watched one single episode but we did about 3 weeks of work on it. After that we moved on to 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' which is a hilarious story about a rotting woolly mammoth and his owner wants to clean him up. We are currently learning about a sabre tooth tiger. Did you know that a sabre tooth tigers prey is taxonomies? In English we also have words of the day and today's current word is 'incredible'

By Olivia and Derry   


So far this year, we have been learning about 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth'.  The letter was about the mammoth’s bath time, or a hullaballoo. Then we wrote instructions about how to wash him. The instructions also included a Fabulous Preamble, and you and your shoulder partner [person next to you] have the same Preamble because you’ve both wrote it together. You would write it in your book after you’ve planned it on scrap paper.  After we had planned our preamble we wrote an incredible letter to our best friend back at home.

By Martha and Nicholas


Trap Door

In English we have been learning about Trap Door. We learnt about the red monster and the yellow monster.  We enjoyed writing a diary and paragraphs.  In our diary we wrote about him and how he shouted about his breakfast. The yellow monster of the delectable asleep and berk sent him up the elevator.  The red monster took him out of  the elevator and gobbled him up.

By Jake and Evie




We have labelled parts of a lily and we cut open a lily and looked inside it.  We have talked about lilies and filled in missing words from the parts of a flower.  Also we talked about what their job is and how they help bees with their jobs as well because flowers carry pollen and bees need pollen to make honey.

By Isla and Callum


In science we’ve been learning about parts of a plant.  We cut open a Lily and labelled the insides of it.  We wrote about the jobs of a flower and how important they are.  We’ve had an investigation about where all the parts were and we all did very good.

By Megan and Bruce


We cut open a lily and labelled parts of a flower.  We watched a lily grow and we learnt the important parts of a flower and their jobs.  We had to fill in the missing words on a diagram of a flower.

By Finley and Esmee




In year 3 we are learning about the Stone Age and what happened. We’ve been learning about their survival and how they got food. Also, how they made weapons out of animal horns and bone.

By Tilly and Daisy


In year 3 we are learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. On the 12th September we were learning about cave paintings.  We were learning about Stone Age timelines from 3,000 B.C to 4,500,000 B.C. At the start of curriculum we were doing what are the differences between Stone Age houses to modern Britain houses

By Jack and Esmee


In history we have been leaning about Stone Age and we have been drawing houses. We have also been creating cave paintings. We were learning about Stone Age timelines and how people in Stone Age times wore rabbit skins.

By Brady and Jack




We have been learning about handball in year 3 and have learnt about throwing and catching for it.  Also we have been practising scoring goals for handball.   We enjoy doing handball in our class and sometimes Mrs Moorcroft teaches us .  She teaches us bouncing, throwing and catching and ways to pass - bounce pass, chest pass and over arm/underarm.  We are very happy Playing handball.

By Ellie and Matthew


This year in PE we have been doing handball.  We enjoy doing handball in our class and we have four teams: RED, BLUE,YELLOW AND GREEN.   We enjoy doing handball because it is fun and we have  learnt a new game. We are in the red team and we are the best so come to Valewood today!

By Joshua and Natasha


In  PE we have been doing handball including throwing and catching.  We also warm up before we do throwing and catching and our PE teacher is Mrs Moorcroft.

 By Finley and Esme

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